Traditional Astrology Radio

A monthly podcast on ancient astrology by Chris Brennan

The Show Has Moved to

This is just a quick announcement to let subscribers to Traditional Astrology Radio know that the show has moved, and I’m now recording new episodes for another podcast I started called The Astrology Podcast. The reason for the move is that the domain name became available suddenly in June of 2012, and I purchased […]

House Division in Hellenistic Astrology

The topic of this month’s show is the issue of house division in Hellenistic astrology, and specifically the question of the role that whole sign houses and quadrant houses played in the early western astrological tradition. This podcast was motivated by a recent discussion on the topic of house division on the Skyscript forum where […]

Recent Developments in Traditional Astrology

During this podcast I reflect on some areas of the tradition that I’ve been researching over the course of the past year, and I provide some news and updates about important developments that have taken place in the field of traditional astrology in the past few months. This is a solo show with no guests. […]

Demetra George and Ben Dykes on Upcoming Traditional Astrology Conference

During this show astrologers Demetra George and Benjamin Dykes join me to talk about the upcoming conference that we are organizing with the American Federation of Astrologers on traditional astrology. The conference is titled Traditional Astrology in the 21st Century, In Honor of James H. Holden.   It will take place September 22-24, 2011 in Tempe, […]

Interview with Benjamin Dykes on Search of the Heart and al-Kindi

During this show I interview one of the leading scholars on Medieval astrology in the world today, Dr. Benjamin Dykes. Last month Dr. Dykes published a translation of a Medieval astrological treatise on horary and electional astrology by al-Kindi titled The Forty Chapters.  Al-Kindi was an important source for a number of later horary astrologers […]

Robert Zoller Interview

During this show I interview Medieval astrologer Robert Zoller. Zoller is widely recognized as the leading practitioner of Medieval astrology in the world today. He is renowned for being one of the first leading astrologers to advocate a return to traditional astrological techniques and methods, starting in the early 1980’s with his book The Arabic […]

Traditional Astrology Radio Website Launched

This is the new website for Traditional Astrology Radio. Here I will post additional information about the show, such as transcripts, information about upcoming interviews, and a full archive of previous interviews. If you want to received a notice when there is a new post here then you should subscribe for email notifications.

New Translation of the Anthology of Vettius Valens

During this podcast I discuss the recent release of a full English translation of the Anthology of Vettius Valens by Mark Riley. Riley, who is a retired classics scholar from California, unexpectedly released a full preliminary translation of the entire Anthology online for free in early December. He had completed the translation in the mid-90’s […]

Interview with Alan White

During this show I interviewed astrologer Alan White, a hard talking ex-special forces Vietnam veteran, who has brought his unique perspective to the field of astrology for several decades now. In the mid-90’s Alan became interested in Hellenistic astrology, and subsequently became an associate of Project Hindsight.  Since then he has shared his no-nonsense approach […]