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House Division in Hellenistic Astrology

The Houses in Hellenistic AstrologyThe topic of this month’s show is the issue of house division in Hellenistic astrology, and specifically the question of the role that whole sign houses and quadrant houses played in the early western astrological tradition.

This podcast was motivated by a recent discussion on the topic of house division on the Skyscript forum where I outlined my views on the development of the doctrine of house division.  The main question there was the extent to which whole sign houses was the primary system of house division in the early Hellenistic tradition, and what role quadrant houses played in delineations.

During the course of the show I outline my views on how quadrant houses evolved into a distinct form of topical house division by the late Hellenistic tradition, which was a departure from what was originally primarily a whole sign framework.

I think that quadrant houses were originally first introduced within the context of the length of life technique, as explicated by Nechepso and Petosiris, but this eventually led to astrologers experimenting with using the degree of the MC for topical purposes.  Eventually by the late Hellenistic tradition the astrologers appear to have been using quadrant houses as a secondary topical overlay on top of whole sign houses.

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I’m still experimenting with the sound quality and different recording devices, and I learned a few things while editing this show that should make the sound quality during future shows much better.   If you have any problems with the sound during this month’s show please let me know.

Traditional Astrology News

I begin the show with a new segment on recent news in traditional astrology.  There I mention the following topics:

  • The release of Benjamin Dykes’ latest translation, The Book of the Nine Judges, which is a Medieval compilation of texts on horary astrology.
  • Demetra George is doing a retreat titled Traditional Astrology and Modern Practice in March with the South Texas Astrology Retreat group.  Please note that during the show I misspoke when I mentioned the URL for their website, which is actually:
  • Ben, Demetra and I released the recording from our conference on traditional astrology in September.  You can purchase the Traditional Astrology in the 21st Century CD on my website.

If you have heard any other news in the world of traditional astrology that you think that I should mention during the next show then please send me an email and let me know.

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